I am the owner and style consultant of The Stylist Way. This journey began as a passion project – a way for me to create and connect outside the box of fast fashion.

I studied marketing at the University of Washington as well as the Art Institute of Seattle and, upon graduation, joined forces with a luxury retailer. I curated my career by seeking every opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of the industry. A decade later, my contributions include everything from personal shopping to media servicing to product developing.

If my experience has taught me anything, it is that the weight of fashion – while entertaining and exciting – is for many a heavy burden to bear. It is a global phenomenon that impacts every aspect of life – from the minute a yarn is spun to the second a garment is hung.

So much important information is not shared with consumers throughout that process. An example? Who makes our clothes? Most of the time, we are without a clue. This harsh reality is what led me to promote conscious style. We should all understand the contribution we make to the world by what we choose to wear.

Perhaps fashion could not only be about looking good but also doing good…and feeling good.

Well, at least, that is my vision. It is through my personal commitment to changing the industry (and world) that I am an ambassador for slow fashion. My mission as a style consultant is to empower others to do the same, meeting them right where they are at in their journey and providing support every step of the way.