Well, hello there.

My name is JeLisa. You can call me JL. I am the owner and style consultant of The Stylist Way. It all began as a passion project. A way for me to create outside of the box in fashion and connect with like-minded individuals.

I studied marketing at the University of Washington as well as the Art Institute of Seattle and, upon graduation, joined forces with a luxury retailer. Almost a decade later, my contributions to the industry include everything from personal shopping to media servicing to product developing.

If my career has taught me anything, it is that fashion is a global phenomenon that impacts every aspect of life – from the minute a yarn is spun to the second a garment is hung. There is always room for improvement and it oftentimes requires taking risks. The same lesson is applicable to style. It is never too late to learn or try something new!

My approach is a holistic one, not only focusing on the inner and outer body but also on the inner and outer world.

I believe fashion can be a force for good. Intentionality has never been more important. What you choose to wear shows what you value. You can look good and do good. Although The Stylist Way is based in Seattle, services can be accessed at any time regardless of a point on a map. It is my goal to help anyone in anyplace design a sustainable synergy between their lifestyle and environment.

The result? A closet – and community – that reflects the conscience.